Investment Philosophy

Our primary investment interests are in start-up companies developing medical device and diagnostic products that address major diseases and conditions prevalent in industrialized countries as the population ages (such as cancer, cardiovascular and neurological diseases, orthopedic problems, respiratory conditions, and gastrointestinal disorders).  

In these areas, we favor companies with novel, single-use medical devices that can provide clinically efficacious therapy, at lower cost, and with manageable regulatory and reimbursement risks.  

We look for start-up ventures featuring product concepts that can be advanced with minimal infrastructure and head-count – companies that can demonstrate clinical efficacy of their product or technology early on, and thus create strong potential for partnerships and acquisitions. 

Synergy also assists our portfolio companies in developing corporate partnerships in Japan at the appropriate time, which can also provide significant strategic and economic benefits.  Our LPs are major Japan medical device corporations.

Under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law of Japan, Business Operators of Specially Permitted Businesses for Qualified Institutional Investors, etc. are required to make available to the public certain information.  If you would like to obtain such information as to SYNERGY VENTURES ADVISORS III, L.L.C., please make a request via email to and indicate your name, company name, position and email address, and such information will be sent to you via email promptly after your request.

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